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Famous musician Shohel is found dead in his bedroom. His wife Neela was sleeping peacefully when the body is discovered. Shohel's childhood friend detective Rashed took charge of the investigation. Although Neela seems to be the prime suspect, everyone around Shohel is not telling the truth. When the present is not serving Rashed anything fruitful, he dives into the past. Unsetting events start to unravel and we learn that lie is nothing but a badly expressed truth.

Directed by : Vicky Zahed

Written by : Vicky Zahed

Produced by : Redoan Rony

Starring : Afran Nisho, Mehazabien Chowdhury

Cinematography : Bidrohi Dipon

Edited by : Aurnob Hasnat

Music by : Mahamud Hayet Arpon (songs)

Production companies : Chorki, Blue Moon Entertainment

Distributed by : Chorki

Release date : 17 February 2022 (Worldwide)

Running time : 132 minutes

Country : Bangladesh

Language : Bengali

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